Hawaii Windsrfing at Ho'okipa Beach, Maui
Windsurfing is a very popular ocean activity which combines surfing with sailing and variations have evolved such as kiteboarding and wingfoiling. Hawaii has some of the best windsurfing locations in the world such as Ho'okipa Beach Park on the North Shore of Maui near Paia.
Windsurfing was first invented in California in the late 1960's by Jim Drake who is known as the 'The Father of Windsurfing". Windsurfing saw explosive growth in the 70's and 80's as the fastest growing sport in the world and became an Olympic Sport in 1984.
Windsurfing is a family friendly sport and a highlight of many Hawaiian vacations. You can book live reservations here on this site with many Windsurfing activities located around Hawaii.
Windsurfing Lesson
Getting a good start in windsurfing is essential. Beginner Windsurfing Lesson will lead to a successful first day. Our windsurfing Instructors are worth their weight in gold. We have a great sailing location with a sandy beach surrounded by a protective reef. In the lesson, we give you specialized beginner's boards that are strong and stable. The sail is matched to each individual based on their height, weight, and strength.
Hawaii Windsrfing at Ho'okipa Beach, Maui
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All participants must be able to swim.
Windsurfing Lesson
Kiteboarding Lesson
Windsurfing Lesson
Kiteboarding Lesson
Kiteboarding lessons are the best way to try Kiteboarding. Your instructor will show you all of the necessary steps, in a fun and safe environment. Lessons are tailored to each individual student, according to their experience and abilities. We have been teaching kiteboarding for 25 years and you are in good hands. The single-day, "try kiteboarding" lessons are a great way to check out the sport and see what it offers. Learning to ride is a 2-step process of learning kite control and using the board. So we take time to ensure you learn all the necessary skills.
Kiteboarding Lesson Multi-Day
Kiteboarding Rental
Kitefoilboarding Lesson
We now offer introductory and advanced Kite-foilboarding Lessons on Maui. Each Kiteboard Private Training lesson is taught according to the student’s needs. Kitefoilboarding can be very difficult and time-consuming to master on your own. Our lessons provide the best way to learn, including, theory, tips, and safety steps. We show you the correct methods that will prevent many avoidable accidents, and make your kite foilboarding experience more enjoyable. All levels of kitefoilboarding available, beginner to advanced.
Kitefoilboarding Lesson
Private Wing-Surfing Lesson
Private Wing-Surfing Lesson Multi-Day
World Class Windsurfing at Ho'Okipa Beach Park, Maui by Steve Harris
Wing-Surfing Lesson
Learning to Wingsurf is a great way to harness the wind and engage with the ocean. Wingsurfing combines using a free moving hand-held wing while standing on a board. Our experienced instructors show you the basics on land, and in the calmer waters closer to shore.
Windsurfing, Kiteboarding and Kitefoilboarding
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